Played “Be My Love” for a young singer with a voice like Mario Lanza. Dinah Shore said regardless of my sexual orientation I should only work in gay bars because the people that make all the big decisions in music are gay, and when they get a night off they will be in a gay bar.

Her partner designed logos in colored plexiglass – I was her second client; her first was Neal Diamond. His logo showed two triangles – the top one was light blue, the bottom one was dark blue – a circle intersected the two triangles — the top half of the circle was bright yellow (the sun), the bottom half was white (the moon). The caption was “You are the Sun, I am the Moon” – Neal Diamond then wrote the song “I Am, I Said”.

My design was the Pianoman  logo I use on my cards, and advertising; The original plexiglass which I paid $100 for in 1972 has since disappeared during my travels; all that remains is my print.