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Welcome to my World of Music   I started studying Jazz at the age of 21 from a blind man in Los Angeles. After 3 months he had me on my first job, though I did not feel I was ready. But he insisted, saying this is the way one learns to perform in public. Since then I have gone on to work with some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, and Herbie Mann to name a few. I have also played for 2 US Presidents, 1 Prime Minister of the UK, performed at the legendary Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the historic Edinburgh Castle. It is my passion to “Keep the Music Playing”. For more information click on my logo to read some of my life stories, my upcoming schedule, view my gallery, and check out my recordings. Coming soon: You will be able to listen to my music online.

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Welcome to My World of Travel